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Feng Shui


Feng Shui - the creation of a beautiful dwelling

Do you want to increase your wealth?

Do you want to improve your health?

The two main things in life that we want to increase are wealth and health.  Feng Shui does exactly that!

Did you know that your house is a living entity? After all isn't that where you live?

A house will move, creak, expand in summer, shrink in winter, protect from the cold and rain; like our own health, we need to look after our house as well.

By knowing when your house was built, a star chart is created.  This tells us where your health and wealth sectors are and most importantly, will the house support you in your endeavours?

Will it give you a restful sleep or will the house make you sick and send all your money down the gurgler?

Feng Shui is about looking after you and supporting you throughout life's journey by enhancing the energy of the house where you live.

Feng Shui Consultation with architectural plan - special offer $300

Feng Shui Consultation without architectural plan - special offer $500