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Tuning the Human Biofield


Your biofield (aura) extends five feet out from your body.  Your biofield and chakras show the events and patterns of your life, we can hear them through the sound of a tuning fork.  Biofield Tuning picks up these patterns and discharges them; for example you may have a pattern of depression or a sore back or you may have recurring unpleasant events in your life.  Biofield Tuning can assist with releasing the charge that creates the pattern or dis-ease. 

Sonic Meridian Flush

A very relaxing technique.  This uses weighted tuning forks on the body.  The vibration of the forks passes through the body and opens the channels so the energy of the meridian can flow properly.  The client is fully dressed.


This is a wonderful sensation of using weighted tuning forks on the face to relieve tension, wrinkles and bring freshness to the face!  Look and feel amazing! 

Tight Shoulders

This technique uses weighted tuning forks on the shoulders and back and finishes with a bit of massage. The client is fully dressed.


Biofield Tuning works wonders with relationships.  Are you going through difficutly with your partner?  Biofield Tuning releases the vibrational charges between couples that causes angst, arguing, fear and non-communication.  It is preferrable that both of you attend the session. 

Sometimes relating to our parents can become strained.  Biofield Tuning can release the charge of antagonism and bring harmony.  You don't need to bring your parents to a session, the work is done in the aura.