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What Alex' clients say:

"The book that Alex wrote out for my family was excellent!  She described how my husband and children are to a tee!  She even managed to pick up that my son suffers from migraines and recommended a treatment.  He is much better now!" Margaret, Edinburgh, Scotland.

"I am a mother with two small girls.  Their Shen Stars book that Alex wrote out for my children was so amazing!  I feel that I am able to relate and be a better parent to understanding my children's needs.  My eldest was not sleeping at night, Alex wrote her a story for me to read to her assisting her to relax.  Now she looks forward to bed." Nadine, Queensland, Australia

"I am extremely grateful to Alex for the wonderful books that she produced for us all.  Her insight is excellent!  I really do marvel as to how she manages to figure it all out!  I am proud of my children and now I am a parent who is just beaming with gratitude.  Thank you Alex!" Yvonne, Melbourne,  Australia

"What a gem Alex!  Your book has allowed me to delve deeper into understanding myself and the CD is fantastic!  I've played it every night so far!  I am eternally grateful!" Alison, Melbourne, Australia

"Thank you so much for the beautiful book you wrote for me!  I have read it twice now and still marvel as to how you can tell all that from my date of birth! Truly amazing and my meditations are just superb!" Kathy, Portland, America

"Alex, you are truly marvellous the way you pick things up in my aura and ask questions that no-one else has ever! Since you worked on my Biofield, things just keep getting better.  Even my mum and I are talking now!  I cannot thank you enough!" Beverley, Melbourne, Australia

"I have had the pleasure of meeting Alex and experienced Biofield Tuning and I must say it is such a pleasure to have someone work on me who knows what they are doing and gets results.  I feel 100% better and all the 'stuckness' has gone. I feel refreshed and am able to see things clearly now, before everything was in a fog." Marcus, Melbourne, Australia

Welcome to Shen Oasis

Welcome to a new and stronger you!

Your health is primary to your life.  We all want to feel healthy.  

At Shen Oasis you can feel great with Biofield Tuning.  Have you ever heard of "Clean up your act"? Well now you can!  Biofield Tuning releases 'the charge' in your energy of all the 'not so nice' events in your life.  If you are tired of carrying 'extra baggage' and want to 'put it down' then Biofield Tuning will do this for you.  It is also excellent for mental health issues such as depression and anxiety as well as health issues and relationship work.

Perhaps you'd like to just relax?  A Sonic Meridian Flush - using weighted tuning forks on the body will release any stagnation and open up pathways.  

You'd just like a massage?  Hannya Massage is a great way to relax or feel energised.  Your body will let you know which one it needs.  Hannya Massage works the meridians in the body, balancing Qi.  Once your Qi is balanced, you will feel amazing!

Prevention is the cure and the cure is prevention.  Why not have some acupuncture?  It's great to keep the body's energy systems balanced and when they are balanced, good health returns. 

Theta Healing and Taoist Psychology are incorporated into each session.  Theta Healing is using the energy of Source to release what does not serve you well and implement what does.  Taoist Psychology gives you further knowledge into how the organs work and how they specifically relate you.  

Remember, you are the most powerful person you know.

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