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Taoist Psychology

In ancient times, the very best practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) were taught Taoist Psychology - the philosophical teachings of Fu Xi, the founder of Trigrams and the I-Ching, given to him during a spiritual moment.   

Like astrology, trigrams are how the stars between Heaven and Earth met during your birthdate and the characteristics given.  

Each trigram also links to an organ in the body. Gain greater insight into the mind/body/spirit and how they connect. 

What is a Trigram?

We are all made up of Yin and Yang.  Some of us are more Yin, others more Yang. 

Yin and Yang Symbol

We all know the Yin, Yang symbol.  Neither of them are entirely one or the other as neither can exist one without the other.  Yin contains Yang and Yang contains Yin – just like you and me.


     Yin is a broken line                             Yang is a solid line

A trigram is made up of three lines.  Tri meaning three.  If we were to transfer the Yin and Yang into a trigram, they would look like this.


                       All Yin                                   All Yang

There are Nine trigrams in all.  Eight of the trigrams are made up of yin and yang lines.  The yin yang symbol sits in the middle and is the gateway to the other trigrams. 

If we were to place one trigram on top of the other, we have a hexagram (six lines).

     Hexagram 11 - Peace  

As there are eight trigrams, 8 x 8 = 64 different hexagrams.  Thus we have the I-Ching.

In Chinese philosophy there are five elements.  Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood.  Each element has a yin and yang component that the trigrams fit into, thus each trigram has a character – this is Taoist Psychology.

It is through this technique that you can begin to understand a deeper level of self.

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